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6 Tips to Prevent Sore Neck when Driving or Working

  Almost all of us have experienced a sore neck. In fact, 66% of us suffer from cervical spondylosis. If your neck begins to ache, then you should pay attention to it.

Cervical spondylosis not only affects our work, but also affects every aspect of our lives. Knowing how to prevent it in advance is very important. Now let's talk about how to avoid cervical spondylosis.
First, we need to find out the cause. Here are some factors about it.

1) Sedentary work for a long time

For long-term workers, the incorrect sitting posture will make our neck and lumbar spine feel much pressure.

2) Head down when using computers or smartphones

Frequently bowing or sticking to the screen, the muscles behind the neck are stretched and stressed for a long time. And cervical vertebra will lose its original physiological curvature and lead to the anti-bow, and the degeneration ability of it will be significantly accelerated.



Incorrect sleeping position and uncomfortable beds will affect cervical spine health. The long-time stiff neck will also induce cervical spondylosis.

4) Lack of exercises 

The vertebra may be weak due to lack of exercise. Sometimes pharyngeal infection or typhoid can cause cervical spondylosis.

5) Neck muscle strain or trauma after a long driving 

It is easy to cause neck muscle spasm if the driver always looks at one direction when driving. These can cause the cervical intervertebral joint to be in an abnormal position, and lead to the cervical micro-dislocation.

So how to prevent cervical spondylosis? Below are some tips for you.
1) Keep Good Sitting and Standing Posture
Adjust the correct sitting posture. Keep a certain distance from the computer screen during work; maintain a dignified posture, chin up and chest out.

2) Stretching and Relaxing
Frequently stretching the neck and chest muscles, and moving around the head. Slap shoulders often.
3)  Massage
Massage the neck and shoulders often.

4) Keep Good Sleep Quality
Adhere to a good sleeping position, choose the right bed, and maintain a good enough sleep quality.
5) Strengthen Exercises
Enhance the body's resistance and immunity through proper exercise and enhance the power of the vertebrae.
6)Sports and Entertainment
Do more outdoor activities, such as swimming and walking. At the same time, you can relax your muscles by listening to enjoyable music.